After my fifth or sixth live chat about it, it would seem that my blog is restored, although all the very brilliant entries I've tried to make over the last few months have disappeared into the æther .... ;-) Huzzah!
    Did I just need to wait for St. Patrick's Day to achieve the goal? The live chat agent who helped me today said that it was probably some auto FTP accounts causing problems, and old Word Press files interfering with the Weebly site builder I'm using now. Ah, well: out with the old and broken, in with the new and shiny, eh? Begorrah!
    Here's where the rambling part comes in: we were supposed to be camping this weekend. We were going to do an Ostara ritual in the woo-ids, but ... for the first time in over 30 years camping here in Arizona, we had to come home because there were no camp sites available!
We could've gone up beyond the developed campgrounds, where we've stayed in the past, but the awning on the Cairngorm Cabin (our travel trailer) tried hard to fall off, and very nearly succeeded, tearing its back arm off and dragging it along for a while. We were pretty flustered, and not comfortable putting it in any further danger. So home we came.
    There were two layers of silver lining, though. One is that Husband-man got to watch the first round game of the March Madness playoffs - GO CATS! - and the other is that I was here to go visit a friend in the hospital yesterday. (She's doing well and will be just fine. Yay!)
    We are missing camping pretty hard, though, and now we have to take the trailer in for an awning replacement. We hope it'll be covered under warranty, but we won't know till we get it down there and the service manager has a look.

    In the meantime, I guess there's a third layer to the silver lining: we weren't going to be able to do our corned beef and cabbage at camp, but we can do it here, so ... corned beef and cabbage tonight! That's some silver lining, alright. :-D

    No, this isn't about kids and car trips. I'm asking because since sometime last summer, my blog has been inoperative. I only found out about that last September, and have been in on-and-off convos with my website people about it ever since. We think we've got the problem solved now - and this is the test post. If we're there yet, I will blog again quite soon!


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